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I’ve been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan, I’m going home to my city by the bay. I left my small dog heart in San Francisco, high on a hill it calls to me.


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So, I go away for a bit and and look what happens, a dog performs the heimlich maneuver on his choking owner! Though this dog may not be small, this IS the fabric of our lives, the stuff that Smalldogarific is made of–that dreams are made of, in fact! After Debbie Parkhurst began choking on an apple and attempted the heimlich manuever on herself, Toby took firm and decisive action. He tackled her to the ground and began jumping up and down on her chest. Toby managed to dislodge the apple. One report claimed that Toby even ate the apple after she spit it up! Talk about love. Apparently, she even has paw shaped prints on her chest. Talk about tough love! Does anyone else have any acts of (small)dog heroism to share/report?

I have always felt that people are kinder and more relaxed in San Francisco, actually, in the Bay Area in general. I just returned from there and can definitively say that I believe the same to be true of Bay Area dogs (except for that unfortunate dog mauling incident a few years back)! I sat in Dolores Park for less than an hour, and in that time managed to meet a number of big and small dogs. Though, I don’t like to pick and choose favorites, I was particularly taken by a pair of Norwich Terriers.

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I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Antioch mom arrested for telling two daughters to steal neighbor’s dog

Watch what’s in the bowl: More dog, cat owners cooking for their animals

Toad the ‘size of small dog’

Puppy stolen from animal shelter

Woman caught on pet store tape putting puppy in purse


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Ain’t no small dog when she’s gone.

Smalldogarific will return tomorrow!

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Surefire disappointment up ahead. Till they treat ya like desert. See mirages of friendship, small dog face turns red.

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It’s a busy, busy day here at the Smalldogarific headquarters, so this post will sadly be abridged. Also, after today, I will be on hiatus through March 28th. I hope this will tide you over:

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So the plot thickens…apparently, rat poison is what found it’s way into the pet food that prompted the massive recall. I am sure it had NOTHING to do with the rancid meat from sick animals that is generally used in pet food.

Luckily, they arrested the man who beheaded his girlfriends dog.

Who will take home the crown? Small dogs, of course.

Too much drinking. No drinking for today.

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

UConn bioacoustics expert explores hearing loss in dogs

FDA Approves First Drug To Prevent and Treat Vomiting in Dogs

Couple charged in theft of pug puppy

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Sleight of hand and twist of fate, On a bed of nails she makes small dogs wait

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If I can impart one piece of advice to you, dear Smalldogarific readers, it would be this, never lose your ATM card while you are out of town. I have been in hell trying to get a replacement card. Does anyone know any independently wealthy small dogs who could wire me some cash??? Thanks in advance.

I told Nana about the recipies I found online, and she is very excited to whip up some treats for Buster and Rosie. I will report back and let everyone know how they turn out.

Believe it or not, Puppy comes back from the dead

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Virginia kennel fire kills 167 dogs

Stowaway Puppy Survives 6 Days At Sea

Australian guide dog mauls pedigree puppy

New York Couple Sues Over Dog’s Death

Dog makes 900 mile trek from Texas to Tennessee

Lost dog home after 11 days on cold Iditarod Trail

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Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, just like that small dog twisting through a dusty land

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There are reports of yet another dog beheading. Severed head of puppy left on mum’s bed. Hearing things like this makes me think the world really is a sick and sad place.

If you are concerned by the major dog food recall going on, here are some natural dog food recipes. Enjoy! I am printing these put for Nana immediately.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Pet-Food Industry’s dirty little secrets out

Bowing down to the power of canine art

Boy attacked by dogs recovering

Hawaii lawmakers praise Dog for citizen crime fighting

Search On for Missing New Jersey Police Dog

Dog attack homicide trial begins

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I don’t have any reasons, I’ve left them all behind. I’m in a small dog state of mind.

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Has anyone been affected by the pet food recall? I think Buster and Rosie are in the clear, and I think I’ve convinced Nana to not serve wet dog food anymore. She’ll just have to start cooking for him, which she actually suggested. Perhaps a veal scaloppini with a nice full bodied Chianti?

This fluffy white pup nearly foiled a bank robbery by baraking and bitting the leg of the suspect. Put your hands up for Little Scruffy. This is my job people, no really, it is.

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I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog walker’s car stolen

Teen reported for sexually attacking dog

Dog Shooting

Police Hunt For Psycho Puppy Axe Murderer

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He drinks a whiskey drink. He drinks a vodka drink. He drinks a small dog drink. He drinks a cider drink.

Check the labels of your dog and cat food. There is a major recall of contaminated dog food going on right now!!! Don’t let your pets get sick! So far, 23 dogs have been reported dead and 18 others sickened. Check this list to see if your brand is included in the recall.

This is the exact carrier (except in grey or black) I need so I can take Buster to NYC and walk around town with him. First we’ll hit Times Square. Then travel to the top of the Empire State Building. Then get coffee and chocolate cake at Le Cafe Figaro. Then, it’s off to the Statue of Liberty aboard the Staten Island Ferry, sea mist spraying out faces! It will be a glorious day.

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I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog abuse disqualifies sled racer

$7K reward in dog abuse case

Troubled Ohio dog auction relocates

Want a designer dog? Check the pound

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