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There is just one moon and one golden sun, And a smile means small dogs to everyone.


I want to alert everyone to some very important information posted by Lana Elswick, the owner of Boo Boo (seen above), the World’s Small Living Dog in Height. Yesterday, I posted that Brandy was crowned the new World’s Smallest Living Dog, this is only partially true! Brandy Has won the award for the World’s Smallest Living Dog in LENGTH, not HEIGHT! Boo Boo reigns supreme. Sorry Boo Boo, I didn’t mean to offend! And, thanks Lana for writing in and making that correction. In other Boo Boo news, her visit to the Boyd County Public Library had to be postponed, due her upcoming appearance on tomorrow morning’s Today Show!

I’ll drink to that:

via Pet Ads

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Dog Stranded On Iceberg
Public Health investigates after rabid puppy sold
10 Cool Ways To Adore Your Dog On Valentine’s Day
Dog back with owner after ride in stolen vehicle
How A Small Dog May Cost A Mayor Her Term In Office


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I’m sure you’ll understand my point of view, We know each other mentally, You gotta know that you’re bringin’ out, The small dog in me.

via Telegraph

Though this record looks like it was given out in 2005, Brandy is the new world’s smallest dog? This record seems to change every month. Poor Boo Boo and Ducky.

In an attempt to be small, a fat dog looses half his weight. It’s not easy being small. Maybe your dog should join the “PetFit Challenege.”

Remember to brush!

I’ll drink to that:

via Telegraph

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
This town is going to the (small) dogs
Car hits 2 dogs; paramedics resuscitate Chihuahua
Small dog dies in fire
Police dog stabbed in standoff

January 23, 2008 at 1:10 pm 3 comments

Ooh small dog, I love you so, Never, ever, ever gonna let you go, Once I get my hands on you.

via Pup City

I failed to mention in yesterday’s post that the Hungarian scientist who says computers can help dogs communicate, actually has written a program that can translate dog barks into human language, I just wanted to clarify. This work could harm French’s status as the language of love. Je t’aime small dogs. Je t’adore small dogs. Veux-tu m’épouser small dog?

A sign stating “Small Dog Recreation” at a dog park in Tuscon, Arizona has the community in an uproar. Community memeber, and large dog owner, George Reiblich said, “Oh no, they can’t do that. Oh, my God, they’re turning it into a small-dog park!” The horror! The tragedy! Reiblich went on to say, “It’s quite a beautiful sign; it really is…We think it probably means it’s a small park, not that it’s for small dogs.” Don’t be a hater George!

A man in Texas, with a small dog on his lap, led police on a “mostly low speed pursuit.” The man and his 12-year old dog were both taken into custody.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s vicious hawk trying to attack and kill Janie Flores Chihuahua Tico. Sadly, Tico is in critical condition, unable to move his back legs and may have suffered irreversible neurological damage. Poor Tico. This kind of thing is becoming epidemic.

via Derby Shire Time

After reading this article about a new canine line-dancing club opening in the UK, I am debating a move.

I’ll drink to that:

via Pup City

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Expats to play American Football to help Bulgarian dogs
Cremation, burial services offer closure, peace with loss of pet
Tacoma WA firefighter rescues dog stuck on 200-foot cliff
Dog, Owner Survive House Fire
No big dogs allowed: Doggie day care caters to pint-sized pooches

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People are strange when you’re a small dog, Faces look ugly when you’re alone, Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted, Streets are uneven when you’re down.

via Terrific Pets

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest small dog of all? Bulldogs, of course!

via Baltimore Group Blog

A study by Hungarian scientists shows that computers can help dogs communicate basic emotions. LOL, LMAO, ROFLMAO, WOOF!

A study at Tel Aviv University shows that all you need is small dog love.

Smart dog bites dumb man. Enough said.

The good Lord giveth!!!

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Puppy party: Canine baby shower debuts three litters
BC researcher studies virtue of walkin’ the dog
Canine becomes ‘symbol of dogs on death row’
Woman Lauds Firefighters for Dog Rescue
Happy ending to dog-napping

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Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years, Rockin my small dogs and puttin suckas in fear, Makin the tears rain down like a monsoon, Listen to the bass go boom!


via Puppy Parade

Dear ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, large dogs and small dogs:

What a funny thing life is sometimes, dragging us away from the things, people and small dogs we love. I hope my absence didn’t come across as negligence, and I hope it wasn’t too shocking. After many months, this post is long overdue. So, without further ado, I present to you…

Some troubling news out of the UK, apparently, dog owners actually prefer bite sized dogs. How many times do I have to plead with people that it’s NOT okay to eat small dogs! News like this is indeed very troubling.

via Missoulian

I search high and low for stories like this, the story of Rusty, a one eyed Pomeranian, who participated in the Mutt Pull at this past weekend’s Seeley Lake Sled Dog Races in Montana. The Missoulian newspaper reports that in true stage mom fashion, Rusty’s owner, Elizabeth Loudon said, “Rusty’s greatest feat so far in life had been sitting on the couch…This will be the most athletic thing that he’s done…We hope he doesn’t embarrass us.”

In praise of Yorkshire Terriers…” Darlene Arden says, “They look like little gift-wrapped presents and they have so much presence.” No pun intended, none whatsoever.

I can’t believe I missed this human canine fashion show in Japan!

Shame on the dog owners who ruined this woman’s Christmas holiday!

Is everyone ready for Puppy Bowl 2008???

I’ll drink to that:

via Puppy Paradise

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Fireworks display upset dogs and horses
Abandoned poodle left in cold on side of road prompts attention to animal care in bitter cold
Puppy becomes trapped in sewer pipe, dies as rescuers try to save it
Vet Removes Arrow Shaft in Dog’s Chest
Puppy faces uncertain future after surviving alligator attack
Conifer man pleads guilty to shooting family dog
Small dog stolen, big reward offered

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I love small dogs times

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