I broke a thousand hearts, before I met you, I’ll break a thousand more baby, before I am through. I wanna be yours pretty small dog, yours and yours alone, I’m here to tell ya honey, that I’m bad to the bone.

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Hello, my dear Smalldogarific readers! Did everyone enjoy their holiday weekend? I do hope that everyone have put away their white linen pants and covered up the barbecue by now. Is everyone ready for back to school? Pencils sharpened? Shirts ironed? Good.



via Jennifer Graylock/The Associated Press

If you are looking to marry rich, Trouble, the recently departed Leona Helmsley’s Maltese, might be the richest small dog in America? Helmsely left Trouble a $12 million trust fund. Picture it, the wedding of the century! In her will, the “Queen of Mean” also directed that, “when my dog, Trouble, dies, her remains shall be buried next to my remains in the Helmsley mausoleum.” It is worth noting that Helmsley left nothing to two of her four grandchildren for, “reasons that are known to them.”



via NY Daily News

Maddy, a Chihuahua (she’s actually part poodle) from New York City has been named the fastest Chihuahua in the US.  She won the title by traveling 35-feet in just two seconds, leaving 14 other competitors choking on her dust.  I initially, misread the headline and thought it said fattest Chihuahua in the US, a sight, I was much looking forward to seeing. Either way, Maddy is quite the catch. She understands English and Mandarin, and is an aggressive eater. Maddy’s owner Sue Yee said that Maddy’s success was bases on “lots of love and intense training, including sprinting, racing up stairs and swimming.” To all you Brooklynites, apparently, she’s a regular at the dog beach in Prospect Park. Does anyone else hear wedding bells?

I’ll drink to that:


via Pup City

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Veterans visit Riverside memorial to honor war dogs
Pet dog attacks 4 family members
Mom Issues Warning After Pet Kills Son
Dogs give prosecutors a hand in difficult cases
Dog terror Leo becomes a pussycat
Coon Dog Cemetery started small, but now a world-famous attraction
Proposed laws threaten dogs, small kennels
Pit bulls attack and kill small dog
Puppy Count is Through the Woof


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Stranded in a fog of words, Loved him like a small dog bird, On my head the water pours, Gulf stream through the open door. Close your eyes, give me your hand, small dog. Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand? Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming?

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