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Stranded in a fog of words, Loved him like a small dog bird, On my head the water pours, Gulf stream through the open door.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I regret that today’s post will be short, and I may not be available to post on here until after Labor Day. If I don’t find my way on here before then, have a nice holiday!

I’ll drink to that:


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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Loyal dog returns to murder scene

Pampered pets are going senile

SPCA Has No Puppy Love for Britney Spears

Thieves switch Mexican police dog for mongrel pup

“Puppy Recovering After Having Arrow In Back”

Animal shelter would go green


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I walked along the avenue, I never thought I’d meet a small dog like you, meet a small dog like you.



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Please don’t adjust your monitor, your eyes are not deceiving you. You are in fact looking at one of the most glorious sights of the 21st century, a small dog sitting at a sushi bar.

Most people have at least heard about the dangers of small dogs consuming chocolate, but did you know that grapes and raisins can be harmful too? I will have to tell Nana to stop feeding buster wine.

Also, I am TOTALLY signing buster up for Dogbook. ASAP!

I’ll drink to that:


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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Local Woman Says Wal-Mart Treats Killed Dog
Snitching Food Gets Family Dog Shot
Woman Searching For Dog That Took Off Part Of Thumb
Alert Issued After Mountain Lion Attacks Dog
Stray dog gets puppy rescued from drain

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A small dog lives forever but not so little boys, painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.


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Hello dear friends. My absence from the internets has left me way behind on all the news (small dog and otherwise). Brooklyn had a tornado, the subways flooded and allegedly, the number of dog attacks on letter carriers have risen. Who’s to blame? Global warming? Terrorists? Michael Vick? Only the good Lord knows.

What I am certain of, is that a very brave dog in Vancouver, stood its ground against a “marauding bear?” Police officers report that the family declined to comment on the incident.

I’ll drink to that:



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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Llama killed, dogs blamed
Wal-Mart removes tainted dog treats
Second dog found with leg cut off
UK dog undergoes first knee swap
Puppy tails docked with scissors
Dog recovering after 4 days underground
‘Literally saving a life’; InnerView: Kathy Klages turns small street dogs into family members
Awards for pirated DVD nabbing dogs

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Turnaround, every now and then I know you’ll never be the small dog you always wanted to be

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Britney made a visit to a veterinary hospital with her new Yorkie. Her assistant/cousin Alli Sims, insists that the visit was just a check-up, despite reports that Britney appeared upset when she arrived at the hospital. Check out Britney looking deranged (thanks Stephanie for pointing that out).

Smalldogarific will be on hiatus for the next few weeks. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Think Your Dog Is Smart? Its Collar May Be Even Smarter
Gallery walk goes to the dogs
Puppy recovers from abuse
Parents speak of dog attack horror
Woman, dog escape from burning 50-foot sailboat off Capitola
Wounded, Neglected Dog Found on Long Island
Police: Rhames’ Dogs May Not Have Caused Death

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Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie. Money, so they say, is the root of all small dog evil today. But if you ask for a raise its no surprise that they’re giving none away.


via Lake Country Kennels

Police in San Jose, California are currently looking for a small Yorkshire Terrier named Bebe, who was stolen, leash and all, while walking with her owner on July 24. Bebe was last seen wearing a red dress, pink collar with bells and a heart-shaped ID tag. Her owner is offering $1,500 for a safe return. Cha ching.

Some ground breaking research shows that dogs feel pain, and even bruise, just like people (and peaches).

I’ll drink to that:



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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Dogs were muses to great writers
Man arrested after his dog dies in hot car
Dog Dragged Behind Car in Clayton

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There’s a lot of people sayin’ we’d be better off dead. Don’t feel like a small dog, but I am to them. So I try to forget any way I can.

via China Economic Net

Rapper DMX, has gotten himself into some hot water. Dog clothing company, Amusing Diversions Inc., had the genius idea to create a “Boomer 129” clothing line, named after DMX’s dog. DMX signed on to promote the line, which includes including caps, scarves, raincoats and bomber jackets, but never fulfilled his contractual obligation. A judge recently ordered him to pay a $242,000 to Amusing Diversions. How many small dog bomber jackets do you think that would buy? Infinity?

Downtown Salem, Oregon, has gone to the dogs, with its Dog Daze First Wednesday celebration of dogs. I am totally going to take a vacay there.

Sometimes the good Lord giveth and sometimes the good Lord taketh away, and the good Lord taketh away.

I’ll drink to that:


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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Man charged with stabbing RedondoBeach police dog
Toddler mauled by dogs in Onalaska upgraded to stable condition
Woman upset dog’s body left to rot in canal
Hawks attack pets
Puppy love – how one wilful spaniel made this widow smile again
Puppy killed by pit bull

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The west coast has the sunshine and the small dogs all get so tanned. I dig a french bikini on Hawaii island, dolls by a palm tree in the sand.

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Italians are known worldwide for their food, charm and good looks. Now, add dog lifeguards to the list. Across Italy, dogs have been deployed as lifeguards on some of Italy’s most popular beaches. These dogs, “are trained to jump out of helicopters and boats and swim to the rescue of struggling swimmers. They are credited with having saved several lives by taking lifebuoys to swimmers and towing them to safety.” Cin cin.

A 4-year old papilon named Romeo,escaped near death, after being rescued from the jaws of a 12-year old hybrid wolf. This is one clever small dog, since it is widely known that hybrid wolfs shoot laser beams from their eyes and have the power to freeze time.

It looks like a dog in Memphis, who shot his owner in the back, is not going to be charged with a crime.  Something about opposable thumbs.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:
Dog impounded after crash puts cyclist in hospital
Starving dog forced to eat pals
Seattle Humane Society offers $5,000 for tips on dog-fighting rings
Online campaign saves doomed dog

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I love small dogs times

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