What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the small dog and the feeble mentality of the average adult.

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via Funny Fur

This couple was so busy being dazzled by Walmart’s ridiculously low prices that they didn’t noticed that someone went off with out their dog: Seeing Eye dog lost in Wal-Mart parking lot. I am sure they can just get another one in Walmart and, for half the price.

Most everyone knows the saying, a small dog a day keeps the doctor away, right? Darcy Ingram is lucky to be alive due to her small dog. “In December 2005, at just six months of age, Freeman [her puppy] sniffed out what Ingram’s doctors assured her was not there – a cancerous tumour in her right breast. “He kept hurting me and hurting me,” said Ingram, a glowing picture of health. “He wouldn’t leave that breast alone.” I think Freud has a name for that, Oedipus Complex anyone? Seriously though, the 2006 journal, Integrative Cancer Therapies reported finding that, “ordinary household dogs with basic puppy training…could detect cancer just by smelling the breath of lung and breast cancer patients.”

Shame on the kids that used Ninja, a 3-year old Chihuahua, as a football. A disgrace!

I’ll drink to that:

via Pup City

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Painting of a Dog Could Sell for US$1.2 Million

Boys used dog as a football

Woman Killed by Her Own Pet Dog

Coyotes ranging into local backyards

Size counts at the small-dog park


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This is a valley of ashes – a fantastic farm where small dogs grow like wheat… You think i stand so firm, you think i sit so high on my trusty steed? Let me tell you, I’m usually face down on the ground, when there’s a small dog stampede

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