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It is wise to direct your anger towards problems — not small dogs; to focus your energies on answers — not excuses.


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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been accused of mistreating his family dog. The Associated Press reports that back in 1983 Romney placed his Irish Setter, Seamus, in a carrier on the roof of the family car during a 12-hour trip from Boston to Ontario. Apparently, Seamus “expressed his discomfort with a diarrhea attack.” Romney’s sons complained about the brown liquid running down the back windshield and then, as if in wartime, Romney took firm and decisive action. He “quietly pulled the car over, borrowed a gas station hose and sprayed down both the dog and the kennel before returning to the road.” Such grace under pressure. That’s just the kind of man we need running out country. Wouldn’t you say? Romney dismissed the accusations that this rooftop throne was cruel and unusual. He said, “he scrambled up there every time we went on trips…He got it all by himself and enjoyed it.” Sure he did Mitt. Sure he did.

One more fact indicating that dogs are becoming more and more like humans and likely to take over the world soon. Some Common Human Injuries Also Common In Dogs.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog tie-up law doesn’t seem to be working in T.O.
Dog survives night in freezing waters to return home
Bobcat attacks 2 dogs in Apache Junction
Woman charged after neighbors complain dogs kept in hot bedroom
Yorkie puppy lost (or stolen) at DFW Airport’s Terminal D


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My heart explodes, My memory in a fire, And some small dog will listen, At least for a short while

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Today’s big news concerning the world of small dogs comes to us from California, California debates pet-sterilization law. This controversial law, called the California Healthy Pets Acts, would require pet owners to neuter their pets before the age of 4 months. Those who don’t abide by this law would be fined $500 per pet. It’s unfortunate that it has become almost necessary to enact a law like this to simply uphold common sense. If a measure like this could prove to potentially reduce the 500,000 unwanted cats and dogs that are destroyed in California’s shelters each year, then it’s probably a good thing. Not surprising, Bob Barker, a notable advocate for controlling the pet population, called in to the Assembly to voice his support of this bill. The article indicates that, “at least 25 states require that dogs and cats adopted from shelters be sterilized.” What do you think?

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With the 4th of July just around the corner, you should read these, Tips to Calm Your Dog’s Fear of Fireworks. Maybe small dogs are actually frightened by freedom and independence?

One thing I do know is that this couple in South Dakota believe in freedom and independence for small dogs, so much that they even recruited an army of donkeys to support their cause. Randall and Vicki Eggert wanted to open a dog kennel and breed Pekinese dogs on their property but their plan was halted when the neighbors complained about the noise factory, they aruged that the kennel would be too close to their homes and that the Eggerts already owned too many dogs. So, as the story goes, the Minnehaha County Commission rejected a conditional-use permit for a kennel on their property. The Eggerts didn’t just get mad they got tough; they decided to raise donkey’s instead. Vicki Eggert explained, “‘I have a sister in Mobile, Ala., who told me they pretty much make a lot of noise. We did it to irritate the neighbors…I figure if the neighbors want to complain, then they’ll have to listen to the donkeys.'” They are no joke. Don’t mess with the Eggerts, they will cut you.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog saved from jaws of coyote by quick-thinking owner
Survivor of World Trade Center attack battling neighbors over dog
Puppy awaits prosthesis in Colorado
Puppy rescued from extreme temperature in car
Men who killed and ate dogs in Hong Kong win cut in jail terms

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One of these mornings, you’re gonna rise, rise up singing. You’re gonna spread your wings, small dog, and take, take to the sky.

Yesterday, Stephanie asked for more photos of small dogs wearing glasses. Well Stephanie, ask and you shall receive. Lucky you, Costume Dogs, has an entire page dedicated to photos of dogs wearing glasses! This is manna from heaven. You really hit the jackpot on this one. Here’s a stellar example:

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In case you are searching for a small dog friendly hot spot to vacay this summer, has announced a list of the Top 10 Dog-Friendly Resort Areas to visit in the United States.

Get your checkbooks out and Paypal accounts ready, an empty dog food can from the trash of Paris Hilton has made its way on to eBay.

Here is some more talk about DNA profiling of dogs. Many pet owners are now calling upon DNA testing to confirm the ancestry of their mutts. Donna Haraway, a historian of science and culture at UC Santa Cruz, said, “it’s one more way of codifying the American cultural belief in genes as the foundation of everything important…I find it mildly disgusting. Then again, as the proud owner of two dogs, she added: ‘I might actually buy such a test.'” Such a tumultuous struggle! Not even Donna can resist the allure and intrigue of the cold, hard facts.

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Finally, here’s an interesting article, What are dogs thinking? Maybe more than we knew. The article discusses how research shows that dogs, like humans, are capable of imitating behaviors. A group of scientists studied a group of dogs and concluded, “‘the behavior was very similar to the children who were tested in the original experiment,’ said Zsofia Viranyi, of Eotvos University in Budapest, who helped conduct the experiment, published in the journal Current Biology. ‘Whether they imitate or not depends on the context. It’s not automatic, insightless copying. It’s more sophisticated. There’s a kind of inferential process going on.'” Does this mean dogs might take over the world? We can only hope.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog Found Abandoned & Spray Painted
Pup left in truck to die, dumped in trash
Tillman the skateboarding dog hits big time in iPhone TV ad
Garden party goes to the doggies
Cops: Jersey City police dog killed innocent Chihuahua
Dog owners howl with protest as California considers neutering law
Stench forces man to give up two dogs
Pooches crash Shock Picnic
Woman used scissors to cut puppies’ tails

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Modern invention has banished the spinning wheel, and the same law of progress makes the small dog of today a different small dog from her grandmother

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A 2-year old Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix named Elmwood was crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog this past Friday. Elmwood’s owner Karen Quigley said, “she rescued Elwood two years ago. ‘The breeder was going to euthanize him because she thought he was too ugly to sell.'” And by ugly, she means ridiculously attractive.

Just in case you missed this the last time around, this is 100% magic:

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In other news, Jane Balogh registered her Australian shepherd-terrier mix to vote as a form of protest. “The second time Duncan M. MacDonald sent in an absentee ballot, an election worker in Federal Way called to ask about the paw print on the envelope. But it took three ballots before the prosecutor contacted the voting dog’s owner.” There’s no mention of his party affiliation. I suppose he’s either a Whig or a Tory.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog Ditches Owner’s Chevy Impala in the River
Miami Man Shoots, Kills Small Dog
Dozens of small dogs rescued from puppy mill arrive in Colorado

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9 to 5 for service and devotion, you would think that i would deserve a fair promotion, want to move ahead but the boss wont seem to let me in, I swear sometimes that small dog is out to get me

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Today is a very important day for small dogs all around (the US & Canada). It is a day when small dogs are given the opportunity to shine, and show off their business prowess and acumen. What day is it you may be asking, well, it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day! Does anyone have any work place stories to share from this glorious day?

The Dog Sale is taking place at Christie’s Auction house this morning. I wonder if dogs will be allowed on the auction floor and permitted to register paddles and bid? Does anyone have a cool million to lend so I can bid on some sweet dog paintings?

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Advocate calls on Air Canada to reverse pet ban

Dogs freed from debris-filled home up for adoption

Puppy litters of seized dogs overwhelming shelter

Dog left in hot truck was not in danger, couple say

Woody the dog reunited with owners

Wicklow puppy farm described as worst-ever in Ireland

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But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No small dog can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you’re fighting for.

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Here’s a helpful guide to securing your pet in the car, Safety First – Buckle Up Your Dog. This guide indicates that “in a crash, an unrestrained pet could not only be seriously injured, but could seriously injure people in the car. For example, at 30 mph, a 50lb (22.5kg) Border Collie would be thrown forward with a force equivalent to a polar bear!” Imagine that, a polar bear!? How fascinating! Does that mean a Chihuahua would be thrown forward with a force equivalent to a panda bear? A miniature horse? An emu? I will do the calculations soon and get back to you.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Miami Man Shoots, Kills Small Dog

Gator nearly devours Sanibel dog

Don’t let your dogs go postal

Saratoga inn to hold dog-friendly ‘Yappy Hour’

Dozens of dogs seized from ‘deplorable’ conditions

1-year-old Dog(s) Kills Owner

Lawsuit Targets Florida Puppy Mill

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I want you to know: despite my appearance at this function, I remain now, and will always be, a small dog.

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Mark from Dogs With Cones wrote in yesterday to alert me to some really important small dog news. The Guinness Book of World’s Records has named Ducky, a little Chihuahua, the world’s smallest dog! Weighing in at 1.4 lbs and measuring 4.9 inches tall, Lisa Messier, Ducky’s owner says she paid $5,000 for him (according to USA Today, “based on his current weight, that’s $223.21 an ounce or $1,020.41 an inch.”) “Now, under Messier’s tutelage, he’s taken to wearing a tiny suede jacket with crystals.” More photos please. You should take time to read Lisa’s letter to USA Today, which is a fascinating look into the life and times of Ducky.

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This isn’t exactly small dog news, but I feel it is noteworthy nonetheless. 3 baby tigers were rejected by their mother and took a particular liking to a dog that had recently given birth to her own litter of puppies. That photo shows the mother nursing the three tigers and her own pup. Awww.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

New Law Mandates No Pet Left Behind

Doggone little recourse when pet hurt at park

Go Green: Eco-Friendly Pet Option

Man Who Saved Dog From Fire Dies

BigLaw and the Humane Society Show Their Puppy Love

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