I’m all for moderation but sometimes it seems, moderation itself can be kind of extreme. So I join the congregation, I joined the small dog team. I went in for my conformation where incense looks like steam. I start conjugating proverbs where there once were nouns. This whole damn rhyme scheme’s starting to get me down.

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via Terrific Pets

The small dog giveth and the small dog taketh away. In the first story, a tiny Chihuahua alerted its family to a break in and ended up getting stabbed by the robber before he fled with money and two game consoles. In the second story, a puppy is to blame for a fire that consumed two apartments. The pup chewed through a vacuum cleaner cord and the exposed wires set fire to the rug.

via Terrific Pets

I live with two snakes (my roommate’s snakes, not mine), and have regretfully watched them eat on occasion so I can’t even imagine how a person could do/watch this, Man to be sentenced in case of puppy being fed to snake.

I’ll drink to that:

via Terrific Pets

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Marion couple’s Norfolk terrier is happy meeting people, watching NASCAR on TV and taking trips in the RV

Dog gives its life for family

Study shows benefits of dog ownership

Woman charged with killing five dogs

Activist helps raise cry for ban on dog auctions

Are dog control laws strict enough?


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I met a lovesick small dog of the San Joaquin. She showed me colors I’d never seen. And drank the bottom out of my canteen. Then left me in the fall. Like a wrecking ball. I study nuclear science, I love my classes, I got a crazy small dog, he wears dark glasses. Things are going great, and they’re only getting better, I’m doing all right, getting good grades, the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

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