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Small dog has left the building

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I was busy, busy, busy and didn’t have a chance to write in yesterday and oh how I regret it. I missed out on some exciting news, luckily Matthew was dutifully watching the news ticker and reported in on this one. Apparently, two thousand people in Japan were conned into buying sheep that were passing as poodles. Metro reported that, “entire flocks of lambs were shipped over from the UK and Australia to Japan by an internet company and marketed as the latest ‘must have’ accessory.” It gets even better, “the scam was only spotted after a leading Japanese actress said her ‘poodle’ didn’t bark and refused to eat dog food.” Question, what’s going to happen to all these sheep?

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You may have seen my previous posts, where people were trying to pass off pandas and hamsters as French bulldogs, I never imagined the poodle would be next. An obvious mistake though.

Headlines like this are simply to die for! Small dogs, cats can be vulnerable to hawks. I wish I had the time in my schedule to do a real study on this one, because I am fairly certain that hawks can abscond with small dogs, and that soon this will become an epidemic. One day soon, small dogs may go the way of all the bees. The article suggests, “tiny dogs should probably always have some adult supervision while outside or at least be outside with children or other humans.” I’d say that’s fairly sound advice.

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There is another report of a cat giving birth to a puppy! Ananova reports, ” Zhang says ‘that he has had the cat for more than two years, and she has given birth before but never to a dog. I always let her go as she pleases, to date other cats or play outside overnight,’ he said.” Well Zhang, maybe if you didn’t let her roam the streets like some loose woman you wouldn’t have this problem in the first place. I am pretty sure what she actually gave birth to is a rabbit. What do you think?

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Well, dear Smalldogarific readers, it is with that I must leave you for a while. I am headed out for a bit and will only be available for sporadic postings (if any at all) for the next month or so. I hope you can suffice by thumbing through previous posts. Everything in moderation.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dogs home ‘in re-homing crisis’

Dog attack boy recovers at home

Nigerian Puppy Scam Hits The Internet

Fire guts East Hartford house, but puppy survives in basement


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I study nuclear science, I love my classes, I got a crazy small dog, he wears dark glasses. Things are going great, and they’re only getting better, I’m doing all right, getting good grades, the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades


Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time for your small dog? Well, for all the busy, forward thinking professionals out there, the Akron Beacon Journal reports that a company called Flexpetz now offers temporary dog ownership in San Diego and Los Angeles. “Now busy people can time-share a pooch, a small dog for a pocketbook shopping trip or a luxurious Afghan hound for an afternoon at the park. A Flexpetz membership enables them to become part of each Flexpetz dog’s extended family by providing a level of dog ownership on an occasional basis, while imparting each dog with the love of multiple human friends.” Who knew you could temporarily be welcomed in a small dog’s extended family for just $39.99 a month?!?!?! Still loving progress, and “pocketbook shopping trips,” what?

A new study shows that a dog’s tail tells all. “They measured the angle of the wag and concluded if it the tail favors the dog’s left side, he’s not so pleased about what he sees. On the right side, he’s happy…’They’re taking a protractor looking at the deflection of the tail. Most of us are not going to be able to be that careful in reading something like that,’ Zawistowski says.” Speak for yourself Zawistowski.

Finally, USA Today reports that, Mexican status-seekers drawn to ‘gringo’ Chihuahuas. We outsource everything else, why must we try and take credit for and profit off the Chihuahuas of the world? Silly gringos.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Puppy Prozac to help stressed pets

Puppy abandoned in biscuit box

Woman accused of hoarding dogs in trailer appears in court

Family copes with trauma of dog attack

Legislation gets tough on dog owners

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I’m all for moderation but sometimes it seems, moderation itself can be kind of extreme. So I join the congregation, I joined the small dog team. I went in for my conformation where incense looks like steam. I start conjugating proverbs where there once were nouns. This whole damn rhyme scheme’s starting to get me down.

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The small dog giveth and the small dog taketh away. In the first story, a tiny Chihuahua alerted its family to a break in and ended up getting stabbed by the robber before he fled with money and two game consoles. In the second story, a puppy is to blame for a fire that consumed two apartments. The pup chewed through a vacuum cleaner cord and the exposed wires set fire to the rug.

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I live with two snakes (my roommate’s snakes, not mine), and have regretfully watched them eat on occasion so I can’t even imagine how a person could do/watch this, Man to be sentenced in case of puppy being fed to snake.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Marion couple’s Norfolk terrier is happy meeting people, watching NASCAR on TV and taking trips in the RV

Dog gives its life for family

Study shows benefits of dog ownership

Woman charged with killing five dogs

Activist helps raise cry for ban on dog auctions

Are dog control laws strict enough?

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I met a lovesick small dog of the San Joaquin. She showed me colors I’d never seen. And drank the bottom out of my canteen. Then left me in the fall. Like a wrecking ball.

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Today has been so busy, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post on here! Fret not dear Smalldogarific readers, once I am unemployed I will be at your beck and call.

Steve asked for more Stewart and more Stewart I shall deliver. Joan sent me these photos awhile ago and I never got around to posting them. Apparently, these were taken at some sort of Brussels Griffon gathering that took place in Joan’s apartment (with Stewart’s Brussels friends Gidget and Yogi who live in his building). Joan claims that Stewart is quite the host. Joan, please elaborate and enlighten us, what is going on in these photos? It looks a little When Animals Attack if you ask me.



I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Cities’ dog limit law surprises residents

Yoga helps dogs reach inner puppy

Pet Ban For Thug Who Cropped Puppy’s Ears

Firefighters rescue puppy trapped in wall

Prime Minister Helen Clark has ordered a review of provisions to control dangerous dogs after a fatal attack on a Bay of Plenty woman.

Terrier in brutal Rottweiler attack finds new home

Dog Killed In Hialeah Warehouse Fire

GAA star fined for dangerous dog

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Pay no attention to the small dog behind the curtain

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You can get anything over the internet these days. You can book travel, or obtain a home, a car, music, friendship, and now, you can even train your small dog. Thank you Al Gore, for creating the internets!

Now there are claims that the poisoned pet food may have been intentional, in an attempt to boost the protein content in the food!

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CPR saves the life of yet another pup, for the second time this week. A Dallas man rescued his pup from drowning and revived him by performing CPR, poolside. An important thing to note, “the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation are the same in dogs as humans, except that dogs must be placed on their sides and rescue breaths must be given through the nose.” The article also points out that the Dallas Texas chapter of the American Red Cross even offers animal first-aid courses, complete with animal mannequins! I’d like to see that. Here’s a quick guide to animal CPR.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

China Blocks U.S. Inspectors Seeking Answers to Pet Poisonings

Bradford woman warns her neighbors to keep pets inside

Firefighters Rescue Chihuahua From East Bay House Fire

Puppy stolen from front yard

Dog fighting man jailed

Dog auction sparks protest Puppy mills targeted

Policy makers should look closer at owners, not just dogs

Cops investigate gunfire during dog mauling

Search On After 2 Caught On Camera Stealing Puppy

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There’s a small dog goin’ ’round takin’ names. And he decides who to free and who to blame. Everybody won’t be treated all the same. There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down. When the small dog comes around.

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There’s another report of a perfectly good small dog being thrown out. This time, a 4-lb Yorkie was discovered by a garbage collector emptying trash cans in a residential section of Edmonton, Canada. Luckily, the terrier is doing just fine. Is it really necessary to strangle these poor small dogs after suffering something so traumatic?

It looks like we haven’t heard the last of the pet food recall. Apparently, the FDA has expanded the recall again.

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Here they go again, trying to pass off a non-canine animal as baby French Bulldog. This one “suspiciously” looks like a Panda, and I think we all know how easy it is to breed Pandas.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog detects accelerants in Wauseon fire

The Art of Raising a Puppy

Owner Watches As Pit Bull Kills Her Puppy

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Or I can get a small dog, I’ve done it before. I never minded working hard, it’s who I’m working for.

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I recently resigned from my job. Perhaps, I should work here. Seriously though, can’t I just get paid to love small dogs and travel? Anyone?


I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Man says he’ll walk his German shepherd wherever he wants

Police: ‘Volatile’ man, denied beer, kicks little dog

Badly mutilated puppy adopted

Panel objects to changes in Pa. dog law

Puppy thrown from second floor balcony

Puppy mill’ dogs take first steps of freedom

Dealing with devil dogs and crazy cats

Seriously ill pets saved by Brown Dog Foundation

Stolen puppy found

Award hope for puppy rescue

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