I’ve been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan, I’m going home to my city by the bay. I left my small dog heart in San Francisco, high on a hill it calls to me.

March 30, 2007 at 10:20 am 2 comments


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So, I go away for a bit and and look what happens, a dog performs the heimlich maneuver on his choking owner! Though this dog may not be small, this IS the fabric of our lives, the stuff that Smalldogarific is made of–that dreams are made of, in fact! After Debbie Parkhurst began choking on an apple and attempted the heimlich manuever on herself, Toby took firm and decisive action. He tackled her to the ground and began jumping up and down on her chest. Toby managed to dislodge the apple. One report claimed that Toby even ate the apple after she spit it up! Talk about love. Apparently, she even has paw shaped prints on her chest. Talk about tough love! Does anyone else have any acts of (small)dog heroism to share/report?

I have always felt that people are kinder and more relaxed in San Francisco, actually, in the Bay Area in general. I just returned from there and can definitively say that I believe the same to be true of Bay Area dogs (except for that unfortunate dog mauling incident a few years back)! I sat in Dolores Park for less than an hour, and in that time managed to meet a number of big and small dogs. Though, I don’t like to pick and choose favorites, I was particularly taken by a pair of Norwich Terriers.

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I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Antioch mom arrested for telling two daughters to steal neighbor’s dog

Watch what’s in the bowl: More dog, cat owners cooking for their animals

Toad the ‘size of small dog’

Puppy stolen from animal shelter

Woman caught on pet store tape putting puppy in purse


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Ain’t no small dog when she’s gone. I see you on the street and you walk on by. You make me wanna hang my small dog head down and cry

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  • 1. Jeanne  |  March 31, 2007 at 7:05 pm

    the story of toby is amazing and inspiring…it’s good to have smalldogarific back.

  • 2. smalldogarific  |  March 31, 2007 at 9:30 pm

    Dear Jeanne:

    It’s good to be back!



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