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Here she comes, Miss Smalldogmerica!

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My coworker and I were having a discussion about how we physically react to cute, small pups. To quote her, “i want to smash them with my love.” Amen! I think that’s the most accurate description. Does anyone else feel this way? Maybe we can start a support group?

There’s a Canine Excellence contest going on right now, though it’s only for “AKC registered or eligible for pedigree registry”. Whatever! Maybe I should start my own contest to celebrate small dogs of all kinds? Perhaps Miss Smalldogmerica will become a reality????


It looks like ConEd isn’t the only company who needs to get its act together. An electricity company in the UK, EDF, is under investigation after a dog was electrocuted by a live lamppost. Is it safe for small dogs to walk the streets anymore?

Today, I have a story of intrigue and heroism to share with you. Brenda is a modern day Molly Pitcher, saving pups by night and day. She wrote and told me, “Busta was just a little guy on a message board about one year ago…I called the shelter [in GA] and told them I would adopt him. I faxed the agreement and payment info, and was psyched. They didn’t want to hold him for me until Monday [it was Friday!] because they said that “puppies carry diseases.” I cried like a baby. The woman at the shelter, who must have thought I lost my marbles, told me to try calling a woman in GA that does rescue. I did and she saved his life, hence the name. We had 45 minutes to spare, before his euthanasia time. I was a mess…He was the only one to make it out that day, hence the name BUSTA.” After 2 weeks of “vetting, nursing a nasty kennel cough, which developed into pneumonia” eventually Busta got lined up with a sweet home in Massachusetts where he now lives with his mommies Kim and Barb.


Sometimes I wish I had two adopted mommies in Massachusetts. Somewhere in the Berkshires would be splendid, thanks!

I’ll drink to that:


Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Fire department saves dog from river

Walking the Dog: The Big Protest

A tutor with a tail Therapy dog builds reading confidence in students


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‘Cause you’re everywhere to me, And when I close my eyes it’s small dogs I see

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Con Ed really needs to get its act together. I just read an article about another dog being electrocuted in Manhattan. This time a year-old 16-pound Boston terrier named Bob died after walking over an electrified manhole covered. Do you think Con Ed were trying to ruin Valentine’s Day? It’s possible.

I have yet another small dog to introduce you to today. Dr. Anna Rodecki wrote to me talking up her little dachshund Lulu. She told me that Lulu is “a modern young city chic. She is adventurous, loves the outdoors-mostly hunting rabbits… is friendly with people but stays out of trouble.” What particularly struck me is what followed; she “dances ballet and enjoys yoga with her owner.” Ballet? Yoga? Lulu is truly a small dog ahead of the times! What’s next? Does she knit and drink organic, sulfite free wine? Does she have her own blog and drive a hybrid vehicle? From the looks of her, she very well just might! Please welcome Lulu:



I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog beer tops of list of dubious pet products

Driver rescues puppy thrown from truck

Puppy rescued from sweltering locked car

Police Officers Save Dog From Condominium

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Gonna dress you up in small dog love! All over all over. From your head down to your toes!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. If you have chocolate lying around the house, keep an eye on your small dog! Here’s a guide to dogs and chocolate toxicity.

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I am sure everyone has heard, that Diamond Jim, an English Springer Spaniel took home the top prize at the Westminster Dog show. He beat out Bill Cosby’s much discussed Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Here’s an interesting and amusing look back stage at the Westminster Dog show.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Valentines going to the dogs and cats

Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts

Happiness is a bald puppy

Puppy love may be the best kind

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Float like a small dog, string like a bee

The other day I was walking down the street and saw a woman walking two large dogs. Each dog was wearing human clothing. The one had on an orange vest and the other was wearing what to me looked like a Member’s Only jacket. Big dogs are so crazy!

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I have another very important (and adorable) small dog to introduce you to today. Weighing in at 4lbs, he recently celebrated his first birthday and is slated to take home the smalldog-lightweight-deliciousness championship of the world. I present to you…Wilbur the Toy Fox Terrier. His owner tells me, “by the size of him you would think he’s so quiet and fragile, but believe it or not he is the one who picks on his brothers which are bigger than him! Wilbur’s favorite thing to do is pose for pictures which are later turned into photo greeting cards and sent out to his relatives for the holidays.”



This is a really cute story: Cat Adopts Abandoned Puppy.

Stella (Chico’s owner) wanted me to let everyone know about an important event that happens every Saturday in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, NY. In case you are in the market to adopt a small dog, or other pet, stop by this event. Here are the details:

Saturday, February 17
Salem Lutheran Church
67th Street (Ovington Ave) between 4th & 5th Avenue
From 12 noon to 4pm
Cats, Dogs, Kittens and Pups.

Also to those in the NY area, Chico is about to get a taste of fame. He will be present for the taping of a special doggie segment this Wednesday, February 14 at 9am on the Mike & Julia show on Fox 5. Look for him!

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

One Dog Stands Alone Among Champions

Tiny Chihuahua makes its television debut today (Did anyone catch this???)

Dog Runs Away from Local Daycare

Woman saved from fire by pit bull says her dog the best

Local Family Takes in Malnourished Dog

Puppy sold to buy drugs?

Fla. Puppy Killer Gets Prison

Two Brothers Get 10 Years for Killing Puppy in Oven

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So many small dogs, so little time!

This morning has been so busy, I’ve hardly had a moment to even think about small dogs. Blasphemous, I know!

Yesterday on the news, I heard a report that a dog antidepressant was just approved by the FDA. the NY Post reports, RX to Get Mutts Out of Rutts. The FDA approved Reconcile to be used with dogs in-connection with behavior counseling. Back in January, it was reported that Jennifer Love Hewitt had to put her pup on Prozac after fighting constant panic attacks. Before you go investing in medication for your small dog, why not try out the services of a dog psychologist/communicator. In 1971, Penelope Smith started processing emotional and psychological trauma’s with pets. From what I can gather form her website, she has worked with clients like this:

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Perhaps, if owners sent their pups to puppy kindergarten small dogs wouldn’t be so traumatized!

On that note, I want to introduce everyone to a very special 2 1/2-year old Shiztsu named Jack. His owner Michael tells me that Jack is a very affectionate and quirky pup. Two very interesting details about Jack, #1 he “will lick the inside of your hands for hours and has never been observed to stop unless one pulls away first,” and #2 “unlike other Shiztsu’s, he has a tendency to waddle, laterally, while he walks, resembling a duck.” Put on your gloves and put your hands together for Jack:


I have received many responses from folks would like me to feature his/her small dog(s) on here. It may take me a few days to get back in touch with everyone but I want you to know, I really appreciate the responses and the small dog enthusiasm!

The Westminster Kennel Club’s 131st dog show is currently underway in New York City. You can watch it tonight and tomorrow on the USA Network at 8pm ET.

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Pit bull’s attack kills small dog

Dark horse of the dog world

One for the dogs

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If I was a small dog, but then again, no. Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show

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There have been so many disturbing small dog thefts lately! Do you think it’s because small dogs are 100% delicious? I find this headline particularly disturbing, Man Wakes From 8 Month Coma, Thieves Steal Puppy. “His family says she was the one thing motivating him to walk again after the coma left him without use of his legs.” His family is offering $1,000 reward for her return. Here’s a photo:

via CBS 13

Dog Art Fetches Top Prices. What a misleading headline! I assumed they meant art created by dogs. They are referring to paintings and portraits of dogs. Not that I am complaining, it’s just not as spectacular. Cashing in on this puppy art explosion, Christie’s is having it’s first dog art auction which, mark your calendars, will take place June 22.

via Welcome to the Doghouse

via Welcome to the Doghouse

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Small dogs show power in soft snow

Puppy Torturers Face Sentencing Today

Owner Reunited With ‘Puppy’ After Rescue From Icy Canal

Deadly animal-shelter fire followed earlier smoke alert

Puppy mills fight now in Harrisburg

Shouldn’t happen to a dog

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Ten little small dogs all in a bed, one rolled over and bumped its head.

Today’s post is dedicated to others that are out there doing ground-breaking small dog work.

Take for example, Costume Dogs. This is THE place to go for a comprehensive study of dogs in costumes. I particularly like the rating system, though I cannot fathom how this adorable pup only garnered 3.64 stars!

via Costume Dogs

Another stellar site from the “dogs in costumes” genre is Bee Dogs. Bee Dogs is the new black!

Also, here’s an in-depth article detailing the highs and lows of Puppy Bowl III. How very astute to notice the “foolish coaching move to put all three Samoyeds on the field at the same time.”

I’ll drink to that:

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Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Is a Dog Census In North East’s Future?

Pair arrested in theft of puppy worth $2K

Man charged with stealing puppy from woman’s home

Puppy theft leaves Ellen [Smith] heartbroken

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