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Cheerleader dog dresses

Smalldogarific reader Joan (also a “huge small dog fan”) posted a comment asking some very good and necessary questions. Let me cut and paste here and address each point line by line.

“It is my understanding that you are utterly disgusted/turned off by the “larger” breed dog. Understandable.

My question for you is (I’m sure you get this frequently), do you like large dogs when they are puppies?

Larger breed dogs while still puppies fit into your criteria of small dogs correct?

If so, do you then hate them when they grow up (aka non-puppies/full grown large dogs)?

When do you start hating them?

What about small dogs that have had the misfortune of growing to be slightly largish,(ex,hormonal disorders, or Osteochondritis Dissecans)?”

Dear Joan:

Though Smalldgoarific is dedicated to studying our communal love and appreciation for small dogs, I am NOT utterly digusted/turned off by “larger” breeds. But, this is not largedogarific or bigdogarific. I appreciate large dogs and generally do find them cute but nothing compares to a dear small pup that I can hold in my arms and rock like a baby. It’s just very difficult to hoist an Irish wolfhound into my arms, afterall, who is going to foot the chiropractor bill? I am sure you understand.

On to question two, In my opinion, though some might differ, large dogs do fit into the category of “small dogs” when they are puppies. If there is ever a question whether a large breed dog puppy does in fact qualify as a small dog, please do not hesitate to ask. I am trained in these things.

Again, I do not hate large dogs. In fact, I sometimes post news about them in “Today’s Small Dog Headlines.” I like to share things that not only feature small dogs but also that might affect small dogs or be of interest to them. I believe a Chihuahua sized small dog would like to know about off-leash laws, or how to take action in a stressful situation such as a fire or gas leak even if it’s a large dog mentioned in the article. The point of smalldogarific is to share my true appreciation for small dogs and to really get inside their heads. In the future, I am hoping to feature on the street interviews with small dogs and their owners.

As for dogs with developmental problems or hormonal disorders, I love them big or small.

Your questions and input are greatly appreciated!

In case you are interested in getting a harness for your Dachshund or small dog:


“Belle is wearing a gorgeous dog harness dress with the skirt being a yellow with white dots while the vest part is white with yellow dots.”

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Small Dog Saved When Pit Bull Attacks: “Monday morning an elderly man saved his small dog from an attack pit bull by putting himself “in the line of fire” instead.”

How do you fend off a dangerous dog?: “A five-year-old girl in Merseyside has been killed by what police describe as a pit bull terrier type of dog. But what should people do when confronted by what they think is a dangerous dog?”

Postman Discovers Puppy Litter Abandoned 8 Days After Christmas: “The staff at Dogs Trust Kenilworth are appealing for new homes for a litter of 4 week old puppies who were found on Tuesday 2 January 2007 by local people and a local postman.”

Service dogs helping with invisible disabilities

Puppy kindergarten: “We all know education is important, and that goes for your dog too. Puppy kindergarten can help get you both off to a great start.”

Stolen puppy returned to rightful owners: “SEATTLE – She’s back! And the sweet little thing has a name now.”

Puppy death re-trial delayed: “Atlanta brothers to again face charges of animal cruelty”

Puppy love: “BALTIMORE – The connection between people and their animal companions is timeless. Evidence of the centuries-old bond can be seen in Feathers, Fins and Fur, a multimedium exhibit created by students at John Hopkins University on display at the Homewood House in Baltimore, opening on Thursday.”

Woman snatches puppy at mall: “Pet shop workers say dachshund taken from cage during feeding time.”


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