The year of the small dog

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Dear Smalldogarific Readers (I know there are at least 2 of you):

Happy New Year! I apologize for my absence. I was as sick as a small dog and only started feeling better this past Sunday. I hope everyone had a nice holiday.

Here’s a photo of a cute dog in a costume:


Did anyone read the article in the NY Times, Japan, Home of the Cute & Inbred Dog? Just to give you a sense, “Rare dogs are highly prized here, and can set buyers back more than $10,000. But the real problem is what often arrives in the same litter: genetically defective sister and brother puppies born with missing paws or faces lacking eyes and a nose.

There have been dogs with brain disorders so severe that they spent all day running in circles, and others with bones so frail they dissolved in their bodies. Many carry hidden diseases that crop up years later, veterinarians and breeders say.”

I know I post photos of small dog purebreds on here, praising their charm and good looks, but this is downright disgusting.

Please note, since the Chinese New Year doesn’t happen until February 17, 2007, it is still the year of the dog. Enjoy it!

Today’s small dog headlines:

2006 was full of weird and wacky wildlife stories

Woman Allegedly Tries to Poison Dog: “A 55-year-old woman was arrested for cooking up a lethal batch of meatballs mixed with rat poison and feeding it to a neighbor’s dog because she didn’t like its barking.”

“Bethel pet supply store catering to small dog breeds: A sign hanging on the door of the new pet supply boutique on Greenwood Avenue reads: ‘Dogs welcome, owners must be supervised.'”

Going to a dog show is entertaining, educational

More pets are going to work: “The morning routine is the same as in most offices. Co-workers Miles, Lily and Riley greet each other, admire new outfits, maybe sniff each other once or twice.”


New Dog Laws Take Effect: “Two new state laws concerning dogs and their owners go into effect today and a third is now on the books in the city of Oakland. It is now illegal for California dog owners to tether their pets for more than three hours. It’s also became a crime to leave a dog in a car unless the animal has water and open windows.”

Puppy saves couple from gas leak

Hotel chain offers massages for dogs: “Austin ricochets around the Ritz-Carlton hotel room, bouncing from bed to chair and leaping high to lick the face of his personal masseuse. He’s an energetic 4-year-old pug, so there is a lot of wriggling as his “privileged pup” pet massage begins. But soon his eyelids droop and his tiny muscles relax under the soothing touch of Darlene Davison, the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota’s spa director.”


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