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There’s a small dog on the rise

A coyote has struck again!!!! Urban predator, “A Waxahachie couple is mourning the death of their beloved dog after a coyote grabbed the small canine from their front yard.” Will the coyotes ever be stopped?

I’ve heard of Yorkies, but now we have Morkies (Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese). And, at only $1,500, they are practically GIVING them away. I love progress!


Stephanie wanted me to share this amazing photo with you! Plié. Demi-plié. Plié. Grand plié!


Jeanne has prompted me to start a new Smalldogarific daily feature, as I am confident that I can find new and interesting photos of small dogs posed next to cans every day. Does anyone have any ideas for what I should name this segment?

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In case your small dog gets skunked, here’s a guide to what you can do. Help! My Dogs Been Skunked!!


Today’s Small Dog’s Headlines:

Police arrest man accused of stealing ex-girlfriend’s dog

Coincidence or miracle? After nearly 7 years, Cujo the dog is back with his owners


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It’s the eye of the small dog, it’s the thrill of the fight

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“Instead of taking your dog for a walk thereby burning a few calories yourself and exercising with your pet, you can buy him or her a doggy-sized treadmill.” This is right up there with the small dog umbrella!

In other news, here’s a shrot article on, puppy showers and doggie nuptials.

Here’s the happy couple on their big day!


Here they are vacationing in Switzerland, they sure do look happy and youthful!

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Pursuant to Jeanne’s comment yesterday:


Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Group’s new pet plan, Humane Society eyes changes to rules regarding dog adoptions

A small breed makes it big, “The pug, one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, dating from before 400BC, has finally made it big in Britain.”

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I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about small dogs

I had the pleasure of attending Nomei the Chihuahua’s first birthday party last night!!! It was quite wonderful. 8 or 9 of her dog friends showed up, some big, some small. Nomei was wearing a princess tutu. Here’s a photo of Melanie holding Nomei:


I know it’s the middle of winter, but if anyone would like to invite my to a small dog wedding in the spring or summer, I am pretty sure my schedule is wide open.

An important headline I would like to bring to your attention, Don’t give your dog artificial sweeteners, “the December 2006 issue of the journal Veterinary Medicine cited the potentially toxic effects of the sweetener xylitol.”


There are no additional small dog headlines for today. I read quit a few but they were too gruesome to include. Me no like hurt small dogs!

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I learned it by watching small dogs

There have been too many headlines about small dogs being attacked by coyotes. A Coyote has struck again, this time in Illinois. Coyotes kill dog in Long Grove backyard. Denise O’Neil’s Shih Tzu was attacked by four coyotes in her back yard. Please keep a close eye on your small dog! You might consider investing in this:

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Another important headline, Puppy Dies After Eating Abandoned Drugs Stash “A Terrier mix puppy has died after eating a block of cannabis. It is thought that the drugs were tossed in to the owner’s garden by youths were running from the police. The dog, called Scooby was found by his owner foaming at the mouth, but his vet was unable to save him.” Poor Scooby! It angers me when adolescent hijinks harm poor little pups.


Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Lucky beagle seeks new home

Puppy found frozen to death in rabbit hutch

County puppy mill shut down

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Let the small dog games begin!

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Super Bowl season is upon us! Some might ask, are you rooting for the Indianapolis Colts or the Chicago Bears? My answer, neither! I am rooting for puppies! P-U-P-P-I-E-S that’s the way we spell success! For the third year Animal Planet will host Puppy Bowl. Sadly, I didn’t catch it the past two years but if Marcia will invite me over we will be watching Puppy Bowl III on Feb 4th! Three hours of unadulterated small dog mania. I am on the Animal Planet site right now and am about to hyperventilate from the videos! You can also vote for the Puppy Bowl III MVP! I am not going to reveal my choice just yet, but I will be curious to see how he fares during the game! Also, make sure you check out the Puppy Bowl III party planning guide! I think I just broke the exclamation key on my keyboard. Anyone up for a game of pin the tail on the puppy?


If you happen to be in Indianapolis you can check out a real live Puppy Bowl. Indianapolis Animal Care & Control is hosting it’s own Puppy Bowl.

Also, Happy Birthday Steve.


Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dead puppy discovered in Issaquah trash bin

Experts say, keep pets safe from local wildlife

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It’s 10pm, do you know where your small dog is?

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There are two interesting headlines I thought worth mentioning today. The first, Dogs May Be Healthier For Owners Than Cats. This is something that has always been obvious to me, but now there’s proof! “Researchers say dogs are better than cats at improving their owner’s physical and mental health. A new study also revealed that dog owners have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, fewer minor ailments and are less likely to develop serious medical problems.” This study by Dr Deborah Wells, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology proves that Owning A Dog Is Good For Your Health! “Comparing cat and dog ownership, Dr Wells found evidence that people who take cats and dogs from rescue centres reported reductions in minor health problems such as headaches, dizzy spells and colds as soon as one month after taking their new companion home. However, it was only those people who had taken dogs, as opposed to cats, that still had the improved health conditions up to ten months later.”

Also, Puppy Pubs? Washington state is considering opening bars to dogs. The bill was propsed by State Senator Ken Jacobsen. “The Seattle Democrat says he got the idea after sitting in a popular bar and seeing cold, shivering dogs forced to wait outside for their owners.” I definitely do not condone alcohol comsumption by dogs, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with taking your small dog out every now and then. I do caution against extremely crowded bars, and those with loud music. Keep an eye out, because your small dog could end up like this:

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Gotta get the small dog operator on the telephone line!

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It’s back to the office today, which is slightly more painful then my trip to the dentist yesterday. Speaking of painful, please head the following warning. Keep pets from paper shredders. “Ellen Lutz of Aqueboque learned that firsthand last month, when her 7-month-old golden retriever, Striker, ambled into her home office and licked her paper shredder.” The horror! I once purchased a paper shredder, after a marathon trip to Target with Stephanie & Lauren. I think we honestly spent 2 1/2 hours at Target. At one point we hung out in the marker aisle and cracked open a bag of cookies, for strength. Lauren scared me with the possibility of identity theft so I immediately purchased a shredder. Lauren suggests after shredding that you place your shredded documents into separate bags and dispose of them at different times. How many times do you check the stove at night Lauren?


Why has no one clicked on Tiny Dog Clothes?

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It has been suggested that no one clicks on the links that I include on here. Should I do away with small dog headlines unless I am going to actually comment on the headlines in the actual post?

Today’s Small Dog Headlines:

Dog whisperer: She helps dog owners communicate with their best friends

Area dognappings feared: NB pet thrown from moving vehicle; $1,000 reward for perpetrators

Animal control wrong to euthanize beagle

Test temperament of pup

Sickly puppies found in trash bin; 1 dies

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