It’s a small dog’s life, no pug intended

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Pugs are a curious breed of dogs.  Shame on the people at Your Pure Bred Puppy, for referring to pugs as “grossly deformed!”  True, pugs have their fair share of health problems due to the way they were bred, but so do most purebreds! Either way, it’s not a pugs fault and no reason to put to insult the poor pups!  Pug’s have a long and noble history that dates back to 600 BC.  Other interesting facts, did you know that because of a pug’s narrow hips and tiny birth canal it is common for a mother pug to require a cesarean section to give birth?  Were you aware that pugs snore loudly and are known for their flatulence?  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend the film A Pugs Life: The Dogumentary

In other important news, A Pug gone missing, Family Worried About Lost Pet With Bad Weather Looming. This is old news but in light of today’s post, I wish I could have gone: Pugfest Raises Over $23,600 for the Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption.

I just finished reading an interesting and disturbing article, Pet Psychic Warns Against Letting Animals Watch.  I bet you never thought about that, and they aren’t talking about watching television.  Pet psychic Sonia Fitzgerald says having sex in front of their pet is, “the single most damaging thing that pet owners can do to harm their animals’ psyches.”  In further reference to the pug, “Ms. Fitzgerald explained that small breeds like the pug can be especially traumatized by the sight of two people having it off because human genitalia appear threateningly large to a small dog.  If you think about the difference between a pug dog’s penis and the average human’s penis, even the below-average penis, you can see what I’m talking about.Because small breeds cannot jump off the bed without injuring themselves, they have no place to hide when festivities break out, said Ms. Fitzgerald. “The poor little pug told me that even if she turns her head and closes her eyes, ‘They make so much noise I can’t ignore them.’ I felt so sorry for that little dog. When her ‘mother’ starts calling for God, the dog has no way of knowing that her mother isn’t being hurt.”Those are just the highlights, I hope you’ll read the rest of the article and let me know what you think.  Do you think dogs hump anything in sight in defiance?

Song for the day: Nina Nastasia, A Dog’s Life.


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In the billiard room, with the small dog! Give the small dog a bone

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