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Happy small dog halloween


I know it’s too late to order but here are some amazing small dog costumes.  I wish I found this page sooner!  My favorites include: the hot dog in a hot dog bun (while i don’t condone eating dogs of any size, i love that you can choose ketchup or mustard), the pirate and the crocodile.  They definitely have some costumes on here I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Did anyone make it to any of the small dog halloween festivites this past weekend?




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One small step for small dogs, one giant leap for mankind


I was in Providence, Rhode Island this weekend and for the first time saw dog stairs.  They sure do think of everything these days.

Not exactly a photo of a small dog but they do sell this costume in small and extra-small:


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Guess whose small dog is coming to dinner?



Apparently small dog parties are all the rage. Would someone please invite me to one or let me help plan it? In case you want to purchase the above hat.

As suggested in the article, it is imperative that you consult Cesar® Canine Cuisine before throwing your next small dog party; they have an on-line dinner party guide you can download to help plan the event (click on the link at the bottom of the page). They really have thought of everything, seating charts, ice-breakers, spa treatments, invitations, the list goes on but my head might explode from all the information contained in this guide!

I am thinking a 1960’s Parisian theme, a fine pate paired with a crisp spring water, everyone will wear berets and smoke cigarettes.

Download it now.

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Let’s just throw that small dog on speaker


Small Dog Electronics is an Apple Specialist store.  I can’t think of a better name for a store.  If I am remembering correctly, I bought the Apple Care protection for my Powerbook here.  They have a section on their homepage called “Small Dog Friends,”  where they profile a dog each day.  Aside from their affection for small dogs they are also socially responsible. The following is a list of their likes and dislikes, in case you were wondering:

Things we’re for: Things we’re against:
Dogs Mean people
Macintosh computers PC’s
iPods Wasted time
Clean air Dirty tricks
Recycling War
Healthy workplaces Abandoned pets

Talk about the best company ever.  Seriously, buy from this place!

Here’s another small dog in a costume:


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Small dogs on parade


I am going away this weekend.  I can’t believe I am going to miss all the Halloween festivites!   I am pretty sure all of these have competitions/prizes specific to small dogs.  If anyone plans to attend any of these events (or others) photos and stories would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, Oct. 28 
16th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade,
@ Tompkins Square Park, 12pm
Battery Park City Dog Parade, @ BPC Esplanade at the North Cover Marina/Volleyball Court, 3pm
8th Annual PUPkin, @ Fort Greene Park, 12pm

Sunday, Oct. 29
Small Dog Run Costume Party, @ Washington Square Park Small Dog Run, 11am
3rd Annual Howl-a-ween Parade, @ Carrol Gardens Dog Run, 4pm

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Small dogs on the move

I walked around Central Park on my lunch break hoping to meet a small dog to feature on here but I only saw large dogs. Rottweilers, German Shepards, Golden Retrievers. Since this is an official scientific study, you might be wondering, “what exactly constitutes a small dog?” I suppose I should define that. Small dogs are any dog (or dog like being) that is typically below the knee and can be held in one’s hands or arms.



I saw these Licorice Scotties at Trader Joe’s this past weekend but they only have them in black licorice. There’s no denying that small dogs are extremely edible.

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I don’t know how to link to my two previous posts so I am going to cut and paste them below for your reading enjoyment.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Perhaps I am jumping the gun a little but Halloween is almost upon us. There’s no denying that small dogs + costumes = brilliance.

Here are a few from an interoffice forward:



Several websites are already sold out of these gems but you can still order them here.

Friday, October 20, 2006



Buster lives with my family in Pennsylvania. He is a wired hair Jack Russell, though the vet told me he’s probably not a purebred. He is known to take Milo and Otis like adventures with Rose (my family’s Black Lab and resident NON-small dog). Once, he found his way to Delaware, care of an employee of the Great Valley Corporate Center. We looked for him for a good 24 hours and posted signs hoping for his safe return. I had visions of him falling through the ice of our pond and frozen solid beneath the surface, that is until the ASPCA informed me otherwise. I had to drive over an hour in a snow storm to pick him up. His primary caretaker is my Nana. If he so much as strays 10 feet from the kitchen door she shrieks his name at a decibel that could break glass. My step-father and I believe that he would love the city, and often discuss how I should take him for a visit and carry him around on my chest in a baby carrier, obviously because we are both mentally ill.

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I love small dogs times

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